Set List 25 June 2016 Espacio 9

Here’s the set list from yesterday’s little back-to-basics acoustic show at Espacio 9.  Good fun and very nice people – thanks, Javi!

Hold Me Round
Wipe Away
To Pieces

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Recording Diary 8 October 2015

Preparing The Juglar Bootleg DIY compact discs with tender care, stampers, permanent pens and other tools.  Meanwhile, here is some of the album artwork.

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Recording Diary 31 August 2015

A productive summer ends.  The live album is in the hands of the mastering engineer and will probably be released mid-October.  Also, the planned EP of new material is quickly becoming a full-length album, with the recording nearing completion.  More news on both of these throughout September.  Meanwhile, here’s the cover of the live album.

Juglar Bootleg front big Greg Gobel

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Recording Diary – 16 Aug 2015

That’s a wrap.  Final mixing for the live album is finished and everything sent off to be mastered.  Thanks as always to Dave for helping to produce the record and to Fab, Dave and Xisco for playing the show(s).

While we wait for the masters, and then the final touches for the autumn release, here’s the tracklisting:

  1. From A Dark Place
  2. Twice
  3. The Empty >
  4. Last of our Kind >
  5. Cloudspotting
  6. Fairground Shoes
  7. Night Owls

Juglar Bootleg promo Greg Gobel

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Recording Diary – 2015 – 01

Three Fish Studios up n running again.  Working on several projects now with autumn 2015 releases (or early 2016 – see how it goes!).

  • Greg Gobel & the Impermanent Band – Bootleg Greg 1: Juglar Live
  • Greg Gobel & the Impermanent Band – Bootleg Greg 2: Espacio 9 Live
  • Greg Gobel – new untitled EP (5 songs)
  • Greg Gobel – Artifacts (Impermanence B-sides and instrumentals)

There’s also the possibility of a full-length new album with the Impermanent Band – yeah!

Lots of work in the Spanish heat wave.

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Set List – Espacio 9 (27 June 2015)

Here’s the set list form about a week ago at Espacio 9.  Big thanks to Fabrice (drums) and Xisco (bass, slide gtr on Ebb) for doing this show, rather unrehearsed with a’new’ song we’d never done together and just about everything played differently than normal when Dave’s around!  Good fun – maybe get a live digital release out of – we’ll see how the mixes sound.

From a Dark Place
The Empty>
Last of our Kind
Fairground Shoes
Night Owls

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Set List – Sala Juglar

Here’s the set list from our show Friday 19 June at Sala Juglar in Lavapies in Madrid.  Raisa opened the show (gracias).

Greg Gobel & the Impermanent Band (Greg, Dave, Xisco, Fabrice)

From A Dark Place
The Empty >
Last of our Kind >
Fairground Shoes
Night Owls

We had to cut Faros and Ebb due to time constraints. So it goes.

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Concert – Juglar – 19 June – with Raisa

Greg, Dave, Fabrice and Xisco will rambunctiously perform songs off of Impermanence again – 19 June, Sala Juglar, in Lavapies in Madrid.  Joining them will be Raisa, one of the best bands in Madrid these days. Juglar Greg Gobel Raisa June 2015

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Indiestar – Impermanence review

Review of Impermanence from Indiestar Music Mag in Barcelona.

indiestar logo

‘…a work of art.’  Thanks to Jordi at Indiestar for his humblingly kind words:

‘Hace tiempo que nos llegó un precioso Cd gentileza del músico americano Greg Gobel, artista afincado desde hace años ya en Madrid, con lo que era su último trabajo, “Impermanence” (Three Fish Music). Y craso error (circunstancias mandan) hasta ahora no le hemos podido dedicar el tiempo y la calma que se merece.

Hablamos de un trabajo que si fuera lo nuevo del típico songwriter americano semi reconocido dentro del mundillo “alternativo”, que cada año visita España para cegarnos con su genialidad, recogería alabanzas y adhesiones por doquier por su calida rareza, sentimiento, originalidad y variedad en la propuesta, porque eso es lo que hay y lo que desprende “Impermanence”, catorce canciones para amantes de una música que va más allá y quieren degustar la música como lo que puede llegar a ser, una obra de arte.

En este nuevo trabajo Greg le da un toque más “enérgico” a su introspectiva habitual, dentro de su patrón de “quiet man” de infinitos pedales, y como las influencias personales siempre mandan, me quedo con un nombre (cada tema podría tener uno) para acercarte este disco a bote pronto… Beck?’

approximate English translation:

‘Some time ago we received a lovely CD courtesy of American musician, Greg Gobel, who has been based in Madrid for many years – his latest work, “Impermanence” (Three Fish Music).  It’s been a big mistake (but circumstances dictate) that until now we have not been able to devote the time nor peace of mind that it deserves.

If we talked about a new work that were made by the typical semi-known American songwriter in the small “alternative” world who visits Spain each year to blind us with his genius, and who would receive praise and adherence everywhere for his rare warmth, feeling, originality and variety of intent, that is what this is and what comes out of “Impermanence”, fourteen songs for music lovers that go beyond music to what music could be or become, a work of art.

In this new work Greg offers a bit more “aggression” to his introspective approach, within his style of the “quiet man” surrounded by infinite pedals.  And, to make you take interest in the disc, the name that comes to the top of my mind is (although each song could have its own) … Beck? ‘

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